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Who is Sacha Stevenson?

Indonesia Expat is excited to announce video content for our online viewers. We will feature popular Indonesian YouTube stars as well as relevant and entertaining video and film shorts from around the world.

Sacha Stevenson is not your typical expat enjoying what comes with the slick corporate lifestyle or status-conscious diplomatic mission. Stevenson arrived in 2001, leaving behind cold Canadian winters to explore the culturally rich experience that is Indonesia (all the while on a tight budget).

She started sharing the strange and quirky world of living here as a “bule” on YouTube, and has amassed close to half a million followers since her first video in 2009. For many long-term expats living in this country, Stevenson’s hilarious take on life as a foreigner hits close to home. Her perspective is always funny, at times unique, and also very insightful. The first video from her channel is all about life as a “bule” in Indonesia.

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