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The Best Ayam Taliwang is in Mataram

Have you ever ventured to Lombok without knowing where to go for the best eats? On this sleepy island east of Bali, there are many areas one could explore, and Mark Wiens takes us to Mataram for the best grilled chicken. Whether you are traveling alone, with your significant other or as a family with small children, Lombok has much to offer in terms of things to do and places to eat. Expats enjoy staying in the calm of Senggigi Beach just north of Mataram, but travel to Mataram for a bit more culture and good eats.

Food and travel expert Mark Wiens explores Mataram, the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara. On the island of Lombok, it sits on the most western shoreline facing Bali. It has become a destination for travelers who want a quieter alternative to Bali and the Gili islands party scenes.

In Mataram, Wiens takes us through some of the most popular local eateries and showcases one of the most famous shops serving Ayam Taliwang, the region’s infamous grilled chicken dish.

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