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Principal of School that Paraded Children Wearing ISIS Uniform Removed

A controversial Independence Day parade at an Indonesian Military (TNI) kindergarten in Probolinggo, East Java, has resulted in its principal being removed and...

Married Couple Faces Death Penalty On Terror Charges

A former Indonesian migrant worker, who was deported from Hong Kong last year after she posted a Facebook video of her pledging allegiance to Islamic State in Iraq and...

US Defense Secretary Given Insight on Counter-terrorism during Visit to Indonesia

On his visit to Indonesia, US Defense Secretary James Mattis was given some insight by Indonesian Politics, Law and Security Minister Wiranto on how Indonesia has made...

Police Bust Plot, Tighten Security Ahead of Independence Day Celebrations

With Indonesia celebrating its 72nd Independence Day on Aug. 17, police have tightened security measures and warned the public to stay vigilant after uncovering a...

Patriotism Program In Works For Repatriated ISIS Fighters

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu is set to launch a patriotism training program for repatriated Islamic State supporters and militants as part of the government’s...

Indonesia Teams Up With Philippines and Malaysia To Fight Terrorism

Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia have agreed to join forces and pool intelligence as threats of terrorism loom over Southeast Asia during a trilateral meeting on...


Jokowi Calls For Prioritising Anti-Terror Law Reforms Following Attacks

ISIS’ recent attacks put the nation on high alert. To prevent future terrorist acts, Jokowi called on the DPR to conclude revisions on anti-terrorism law

Indonesia Prison

Report: ISIS Exploits Structural Problems in Indonesia’s Prisons

Structural problems in the prison system such as overcrowding and understaffing make it easier for ISIS to recruit, says a new report.


Molotov Attack, Bomb Threat Hit Indonesian Worship Places

A Molotov cocktail and a bomb threat in two different places of worship shook Indonesia on Monday, November 14.


Jakarta Braces for Islamic Hardline Protest Against Governor Ahok

Several businesses in Jakarta have encouraged their employees to stay inside during what many fear will become a violent protest by Islamic hardline groups.


Bombing attempt in Medan could be linked to ISIS

St. Joseph Church in Medan turned into a crime scene after a young man tried to detonate a series of improvised explosive devices stored in his backpack.

The Missionaries: Meet the Mormons

Imagine travelling halfway across the world at your own expense for a religious calling. A handful of Indonesians are doing just that to join the Islamic State, while a...

US Cooperates with National Police to Arrest Terrorist Leader in Sulawesi

Indonesia’s military has been fighting a guerrilla war with Muslim radicals in Sulawesi for years. Officials claim to be closing in on the group’s leader. What...

Op-Ed: Despite Fear Mongering Media, Indonesia Responds Healthily to Terrorism

During violent attacks on 14 January in Jakarta, the media grossly misreported the facts. It was sloppy and irresponsible, as fear mongering is the definition of...