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Malaysians Arrested for Smuggling Meth into Surabaya

The Indonesian police have arrested two Malaysian citizens for allegedly smuggling 1.05 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine into Indonesia, East Java Provincial Police...

Thai Woman Caught Allegedly Trying to Smuggle Crystal Meth into Semarang

Airport personnel in Semarang, Central Java, thwarted an alleged drug smuggling attempt by a Thai national, according to the provincial branch of the National Narcotics...

Huge Shipment of Key Methampetamine, Ecstasy Ingredient Intercepted in Bali

Bali police said on Monday (Jul 16) they had intercepted a huge haul of Australia-bound cold relief tablets that contained a key ingredient for making illicit drugs....

Eight Taiwanese Drug Smugglers Sentenced to Death

Eight Taiwanese drug smugglers caught with a total of one tonne of crystal methampetamine was sentenced to death by an Indonesian court on Thursday, April 26. The men...

Indonesia Seizes Second Drug-Loaded Boat Falsely Flying Singapore Flag

A boat carrying a record 1.6 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine was intercepted near the Riau Islands by Indonesian authorities on Tuesday, February 20. The boat was...

Joshua Baker in Indonesian custody

Australian Delays Trial – Transferred to Mental Health Unit

Australian man arrested for allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs into Bali had his lawyers cut a deal with authorities hours before he was due to face trial, as...

Bali – Russian Man Caught in Ngurah Rai Airport with 63 Cannabis Pills in his Stomach

A Russian Man carrying 63 cannabis capsules (hash pills) in his stomach was arrested in Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport on January 15, as reported by...

Malacca Strait Turns North Sumatra Into ‘Golden Gate’ Of Transnational Drug Smuggling

The Malacca Strait has often been used for transnational drug crimes, prompting the call for greater monitoring by authorities.

Prison Drug Smuggling

Soetta Customs Thwart Drug Smugglers in Bumper Month

The stings netted a total 10.7 kilograms of methamphetamine. Two attempts were made through smuggling in packages and the other two via passengers.


A Look at Narcotics Laws and Statistics in Indonesia

Despite a growing reported prevalence of narcotics, Indonesia’s anti-drug top cop says the country can only outlaw 43 of 800 substances at the moment.

Drug Smuggling in Indonesia

Kiwi Woman Arrested In Bali Admits To Drug Smuggling

The New Zealand woman arrested in Bali last year for smuggling drugs has admitted to the crime.


American Gets Life from Indonesian Court for Drug Smuggling

An Indonesian district court sentenced an American national to life for carrying 97 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine (meth) on Wednesday, November 16. The Semarang...