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Ahok to Stay in Mako Brimob Prison Amid Security Concerns


Former Jakarta governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama will not be moved to East Jakarta’s Cipinang Prison as initially planned but will remain at the Mako Brimob Prison in Depok following security concerns, the Attorney General said Thursday, June 22.

Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo said he had not been given details of the security concerns and the decision had been made by the prisons, as is the custom.

Prasetyo said an official letter from Kalapas Cipinang was sent to Mako Brimob in Depok, asking Mako Brimob to allow the former governor to stay there temporarily. Officers from Cipinang visited Mako Brimob to process the change.

“We follow those who decide the (location) of prisoners because the placement of the convicted person is entirely depending on the authority of the prison itself,” he said.

Ahok was sentenced to two-year imprisonment earlier this year after being found guilty of making a blasphemous statement about the Koran during a campaign visit in the Thousand Islands last September.

Both the defence and prosecutors have dropped appeals for a reduced sentence.

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