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Police Drug Bust Launches Shabu Supplier Hunt

Drug Smuggling in Indonesia

Police are on the hunt for drug dealers supplying two police officers in South Jakarta Metro Jaya Police Drug Investigation Director Sr. Comr. Nico Afinta said this week.

Brigadier DF and Brigadier RPF from Jakarta Metro Police’s Traffic Directorate are under investigation for the drugs, with investigators searching for the suppliers.

“It is our duty to process and find where the illegal goods from. They should be arrested too,” Afinta told media at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters on Thursday, Aug. 24, as reported by Kompas.

The suspects were among six police officers caught collecting illegal levies during a vehicle raid on the Semanggi Interchange exit on Jalan Gatot Subroto Tuesday night, Aug. 22.

The officers are alleged to have asked for Rp.100,000 (US$7) from the driver. Four of the six reportedly fled the scene.

The pair were questioned on site and had been found to be conducting police operations without a warrant and had seized a driver’s license and vehicle registration without issuing a ticket.

A search found evidence of methamphetamine, or shabu, and smoking paraphernalia in the suspects’ car.

Both police confessed to having consumed the drug prior to the raid.

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