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Dozens of Palu Earthquake Survivors Get Food Poisoning from Donated Food

food poisoning

Dozens of Palu earthquake survivors have been hospitalised for reported food poisoning after consuming donated food on Saturday, January 19.

One of the food poisoning victims named Badrun told reporters that the food was distributed to the shelter at around 11am local time. An hour after eating, they started to feel dizzy and nauseous.

The victims – mostly children – were rushed to Anutapura Palu Hospital. The hospital’s deputy director for medical services Herry Mulyadi said his office had recorded that at least 38 people had been admitted to the hospital, while others were taken to other hospitals.

“Every single one of them complained about feeling dizzy and nauseous,” Herry said.

Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola, who visited the victims at the hospital on Saturday evening, said that everyone should ensure that the food and drinks they donated were safe for consumption. It remains unclear who sent the food to the shelter.

“I thank everyone who took part in helping the displaced people through their donations; but people, at the same time, have to remain vigilant before consuming [the food],” he said.

Samples of the food had been taken to Central Palu’s medical laboratory for examination, Longki said.

Source: Jakarta Post


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