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Man Burned Alive by Wife After He Refuses to Give His Phone Password


A man in Pandanwangi, East Lombok in Indonesia, was set on fire by his wife after a physical altercation that occurred when he refused to give his phone password.

The argument unfolded when Ilham Cahyani asked her husband, Dedi Purnama, for his phone password. Purnama was repairing the roof tiles of their house when Cahyani asked him to tell her his phone pass code which he refused. This resulted in the two getting into a heated fight.

During the argument, he came down and hit his wife that sparked a physical encounter between the two. This then led to Cahyani grabbing a can of gasoline and pouring the liquid all over her husband before using a lighter to set him on fire, according to the East Lombok Police Chief, Made Yogi.

A witness, “Oji”, ran over to the couple’s house after he spotted the flames and helped douse the fire. Purnama was rushed to the Keruak Health Center, where he died from burns sustained. His upper body was severely charred.

Police questioned a number of witnesses about the incident. Cahyani was detained at East Lombok Regional Police Station as the police investigated the case. It is still unclear whether she was charged for the offence.

Source: International Business Times


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