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Man Asks for Help to Remove 200kg Crocodile from New House

A man in Riau has been forced to ask for assistance to evacuate a massive crocodile from his newly-bought residence, after he found a crocodile cage at the back of the house.

The reptile, which is 2.75 meters long and weighs 200 kilograms, had to be removed from the house by 11 people from Natural Resources Conservation Center and Rimba Satwa Foundation (RSF) activists.

“When it was evacuated from its cage, it wasn’t too hard. However, when it was about to be lifted the car, it was difficult because of its weight. That’s why it needed 11 people to lift it into the car,” said RSF campaign manager Hartoni Surono, as quoted by Republika.

According to the new homeowner, Tajudin, the crocodile had been in the house before he moved there. He added that his neighbors had known that the former homeowner took care of the crocodile, which is around seven years old.

“When I bought the house, it turned out there was a crocodile cage at the back,” Tajudin said.

The Natural Resources Conservation Center said that the cage was not fit for a big crocodile to live in. The crocodile has been taken to the wild and set free in its natural habitat, the organization added.

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