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Jokowi Addresses Feedback about Jakarta MRT

President Joko Widodo once again boarded the MRT on Thursday 21st March. Jokowi and the Jakarta Governor, AniesBaswedan, decided to join the MRT’s trial journey, along with the disabled community.

Lots of feedback was given by the disabled community about the MRT. “In general, the MRT has great facilities. However, there is a complaint regarding the gap between the train and the platform,” the President said at Istora Senayan, South Jakarta.

The distance between the train and the platform considerably affects the disabled, especially those who use wheelchairs. Jokowi assured the public that this issue will soon be resolved by the Jakarta MRT President, William Sabandar. Another piece of feedback from the passengers was regarding the small signage above the station’s entrance gate.

During his trip to assess the Transjakarta-MRT integration, Jokowi was also accompanied by vloggers, Instagram celebrities, and editors-in-chief of several mass media outlets. The president and his entourage boarded the Transjakarta bus from Monas, before switching to the MRT at the Bundaran HI station to reach Lebak Bulus Station. On the way back from Lebak Bulus station they decided to make a stop at the Istora Senayan MRT station.

Source: Detik
Image: Setkab

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