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First Import Arrives Amid Supply Salt Crisis

A resolution is in sight for Indonesia’s salt crisis, with 25,000 tons of a total 75,000-ton import quota arriving from Australia on Thursday, August 10.

The crisis was sparked after an unusually long wet season saw the country’s salt producers fall short of targets.

The first of the three shipments of 25,000 tons arrived in Ciwandan Port, Banten, on Thursday, according to the Trade Ministry.

Two more shipments will arrive in Tanjung Perak in Surabaya and Belawan in Medan in the coming days, Trade Ministry Directorate General for Overseas Trade Oke Nurwan said Thursday, as reported by local media.

He reassured local producers that the import measure is a temporary solution.

“The Imports will not disturb domestic salt production and the demand will be met. This has been arranged since the beginning. That is why we imported 75,000 tons, while demand stands at 100,000 tons,” he said, as quoted by Kompas.


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