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GrabHeli Hits The Skies Above World’s Worst Traffic

The dream of many stuck in Jakarta’s world-record traffic is one step closer to coming true after ride-hailing app Grab tipped plans to offer a helicopter service to carry premium customers above the congestion.

Singapore-based Grab ran a trial over the weekend for the GrabHeli service amid a feasibility study.

Grab Indonesia Marketing Director Mediko Azwar told Agence France Presse the tech giant is “exploring the possibility” of the service.

“We see that the public need is there, there are executives who need to move from one point to another in a short period of time,” he said.

San Francisco-based Uber offered the service for a weekend when launching in Jakarta in 2015, but decided against regular services.

Grab operates in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and offers a variety of services to best fit each market, including motor-taxis.

Private helicopters are not uncommon among the city’s wealthy, who can afford to travel above traffic which often ranks as the world’s worst.

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Image credits: Grab

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