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Local Government Gives Garbage Bags to Prevent Littering River

garbage in the river

Residents living along the Gendong River in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, have received around 1,000 garbage bags that were distributed by the district authority to discourage them from throwing garbage into the river.

The Gendong River is heavily polluted with household waste. Each day, city workers remove an average of 6 cubic meters of trash from the river, reported on Monday.

A supervisor for the city’s water management unit, Joni Darsono, said the waste would be moved to temporary trash disposal sites (TPS) that had recently been built along the riverbank.

Joni said since the TPS was built, the area was getting cleaner because residents knew where to dispose of their garbage.

“Previously, there was no disposal site, so they threw garbage in the river,” Joni said.

He added that the city workers would continue to clean the river every day from 8am to 4pm.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo courtesy of: Jakarta Post/Seto Wardhana

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