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Foul Play Suspected in Australian’s Death in Sanur

foul play

Police are investigating the suspicious foul play in the death of an Australian national in the seaside resort town Sanur, Bali, on Monday, May 8.

Stephen James Richardson, 63, was found dead in his rented Sanur home by a friend at 4:20 pm Monday after friends were unable to contact him for two days.

The friend who made the grim discovery told authorities the gate to the property had been locked from the inside.

Richardson was reportedly found covered in blood on a mattress, according to Australian media reports.

Aris Purwanto, Chief of Denpasar Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit, said the cause of death is still being determined.

“The investigation is still ongoing. We are still waiting for the result of the preliminary body examination,” he said.

Australian media outlets are reporting Richardson suffered wounds to the right side of his body and an open wound to the forehead.

Australian Consulate staff are assisting local authorities and the Richardson family as investigations continue.

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