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Poem: The Dark Cracks of Kemang

Kemang is constantly under changes but hopefully, it will soon bloom into the best version of Kemang where we can all enjoy. This video is a visualized poem called The Dark Cracks of Kemang, created by The Bajaj Boys. The poem itself was previously published in 2013. Loyal subscribers, maybe you remember this piece? Enjoy this visualized poem!

Jakarta Expat 2013

Oxygen boils in the lungs of geckoes, as unborn prototypes squirm in warm soil.

The search for lust is a reciprocate game on thin streets,

where broken footpaths have fallen from the minaret tower

& love might be a piece of rusted steel filigree.

Here, black coffee sweats slowly out thru skin – as light brown legs walk thru crosshairs

& floodwater is quivering
in deep, dark cracks.

The key?

You get the feeling – that it is money or, you dig what you want, straight out of the ground.

The bajaj drivers eat noodles & wait in mauve rain,

clothes get hand-sewn in back alleys,

and the gecko eyelids enclose each moment.


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