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Top 5 Foodie Apps in Indonesia

Foodie Apps in Indonesia

Indonesia is becoming one of the countries deemed to use the internet mainly on mobile devices.

Consequently, many people rely on online platforms to fulfil their daily needs using smartphones. Mobile applications are considered more effective and easier especially when it comes to the issue of food and beverages. With the growth of food-ordering applications, people can have many options to sort the food and restaurants they prefer by browsing through restaurant menus, photos, users’ reviews, and ratings. With the touch of their fingertips, people can decide on their next meal to eat. However, with the long list of online restaurant reservation applications, it is important to choose the best apps to provide you with enough information, so here are the Top 5 Foodie Apps in Indonesia you should not miss.


Have you used Zomato? Established in New Delhi in 2008, this application is currently used in 10,000 cities across 36 countries, consisting of 1.2 million popular restaurants with 80 million foodies every month. Zomato highlights the importance of communication by providing ten different languages inside the app. This app also has ten million reviews with 18 million bookmarks. Zomato’s team believes that their work not only connects people to food but also supports restaurants to enable a sustainable ecosystem. If you use Zomato, you will find information and reviews on restaurants, including images of menus where the restaurant does not have its own website. Zomato provides a space to consumers where they can review, rate, share and search their favourite or nearby restaurant. Previously, this app was named Foodiebay and in 2010, it was renamed as Zomato. To find more information, click


Another foodie app you must try is Qraved. This app is claimed as the first mobile restaurant-booking app, available in Indonesia. The unique thing about this app is that Qraved consists of pictures as well as videos to enhance the details, which pictures might not capture. Qraved mainly has four main sections: Deals, Food Photos, Search, and User. In the Deals section, you can search for Qraved’s discount offers, while the Food Photos section allows you to explore more than 10,000 user-generated food pictures. The Search feature lets you sort restaurants based on various criteria, such as distance and price. Then the User feature lets you input your review about your online activities like bookings and dining experiences. Qraved was projected as one of the top Indonesian startups to reach unicorn status by 2020, according to Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics. One of Qraved’s missions is to make life tasty, and help everybody have a great time with their friends, family, and loved ones. Search more information about Qraved through the website


There is always a good reason to use Chope if you want to find a recommended restaurant to visit. Chope is a real-time restaurant-reservation booking platform from Singapore that has been widely used in many countries. Chope tries to help busy diners make instant reservations in restaurants, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chope can give you convenience in making an online reservation and also produce an instant email confirmation of your booking. It also provides you curated restaurant reviews along with its personally recommended dishes, exclusive promotions, perks, restaurant updates, special menus and events through the app. The customers have a chance to earn Chope-Dollars every time they make a reservation through Chope’s app or website, which can be exchanged for dining vouchers in the future. To be known, in 2016, Chope acquisitioned, an Indonesian food-ordering platform co-founded by Kunal Narang and Hiro Mohinani. Visit to see the details.


Pergikuliner is one of the local foodie applications that provides directory and reviews of food in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Surabaya. The strength of this app is its source of data because Pergikuliner is considered as a medium created by the users, who can add a lot of information about food. Pergikuliner’s uniqueness can be found among its various information about restaurants, starting from five-star restaurants to street foods in Indonesia. Compared to other apps, you can find a long list of traditional and street food in many areas inside this app. It is claimed that Pergikuliner is the most updated foodie app in Indonesia, with its five categories of rating: taste, service, cleanliness, price, and ambience. See the variety of unique restaurants through


Traveloka is not only about booking tickets for hotels or flight, but you can now search for some recommendations for restaurants on the app, through Traveloka’s newly launched food-ordering feature called Traveloka Eats. You can now search for great places to eat, from street food to modern restaurants, with easier access for tourists and locals to easily plan their dining experiences. Traveloka Eats offers more than 8,000 restaurant guides with accurate information within seven cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Medan. With this, you can find some recommendations and see the reviews to get preferences. Traveloka launched Traveloka Eats as a new feature to support travelling customers with an easy-to-find accommodation and culinary guide by using one application.

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