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Trans-Sulawesi Railway to Boost Local Economy Without Private Investment

Heru Nainggolan
The Government will fund the Trans-Sulawesi railway project entirely, without private investors, in hopes that it will pull foreign money

Activists Say Sharia Law Perpetuates Violence Against Women In Aceh

Anastasia Ika
In light of a growing number of corporal punishment cases and an unruly Sharia ‘police’, activists ask Indonesia’s government to

East Nusa Tenggara to Support $20B Industry by Transforming into Industrial Salt Producer

Heru Nainggolan
Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province holds great potential to produce salt needed for many industries, including those of glass, paper,

Indonesia Looks Toward Palm Oil Sustainability in Kalimantan

Senja Dibali
Palm oil plays an important economic role in Indonesia, but also destroys ancient forests and wildlife habitats via deforestation. The