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East Nusa Tenggara to Support $20B Industry by Transforming into Industrial Salt Producer

Heru Nainggolan
Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province holds great potential to produce salt needed for many industries, including those of glass, paper,

Indonesia Looks Toward Palm Oil Sustainability in Kalimantan

Senja Dibali
Palm oil plays an important economic role in Indonesia, but also destroys ancient forests and wildlife habitats via deforestation. The

Illegal gold mining operations in Kalimantan threaten lives and the environment

Heru Nainggolan
Illegal gold mining is ubiquitous in Kalimantan. It poses threats to the environment and health risks to indigenous people. It

Indonesian Coffee is Heating Up: Is Now the Time to Get in on the Java Trade?

Resty Woro Yuniar
At the end of 2014, Indonesia experienced a sharp drop in coffee exports partly due to unfavourable weather conditions. Will

Indonesia Aims to Capitalise on Renewable Energy

Aulia Masna
Indonesia possesses the lion’s share of Earth’s geothermal resources that can be used for renewable energy. Here’s what the government

Investor’s Guide to Indonesia: The Most Promising Startup Sectors

Aryo Moedanton
Startup business in Indonesia is moving forwards in a positive direction, providing a larger area to be cultivated, whilst still

Foreign Property Ownership Under the Magnifying Glass in Indonesia

Stanley Anthony
The government says it will survey and inventory all land that could be owned by foreigners. The issue raises eyebrows