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Bank of Indonesia Records Rp91 Trillion Capital Inflows

The Bank of Indonesia has recorded nearly Rp91 trillion or US$6.44 billion of capital inflows during 2019. About Rp75 trillion of this has been invested in government debt papers, whilst the remainder has been invested in the stock exchange.

“The inflow is good. The SBN auctions were always oversubscribed,” BI deputy governor, Mirza Adityaswara, said. He also added that the inflows through the stock exchange were recorded at Rp3.8 trillion this month alone, while those through SBNs had reached Rp1.2 trillion.

This is a different composition to the capital inflows recorded last year, as then inflowing money was mostly invested in the stock exchange. The capital outflows for last year was also recorded as quite high, at Rp24.9 trillion.

According to Mirza, the high volume of capital inflows implies investors have high levels of confidence in Indonesian macroeconomic conditions. The inflow also suggests that the government has successfully managed to control inflation. He added that the current account deficit is also narrowing.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: China Daily

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