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Aussie Tourists Paddle Through Kuta Streets in Flood

Heavy rain and flash flood in Kuta, Bali, have prompted some tourists from Australia to paddle their way around the holiday hotspot, reports.

“It’s a bit of a pain in the bum, we’re trying to get around to Kuta, it’s terrible,” one Aussie tourist said.

Continuous, heavy rain in the region has caused flooding in the popular tourist spot Kuta with the water level reaching chest height in some areas. The flood was caused by problems with the island’s drains, which have been overwhelmed by mudslides and the sheer abundance of rainfall in the area.

This has affected the mobility of locals and tourists, leaving the usually bustling streets of Kuta empty. Some residents in a few parts of Bali have even decided to evacuate their homes to escape the flash flood.

Some parts of Bali are experiencing the peak of rainy season. However, the rain has started easing on Wednesday and the island is expected to perform a post-flood clean up soon.


Photo courtesy of Instagram, tulasihenna

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