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Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor Celebrates Its Third Anniversary

Operating since November 16, 2015, Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor, which is one of the business hotel units of Intiwhiz Hospitality Management, celebrated its 3rd anniversary by holding several activities such as visiting Nursing Homes, Islamic Studies and Blood Donation. Lucky Indrawan as the Hotel Manager of Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor said, “The event was held as a form of our gratitude for the blessings given by God”. Lucky also hopes for the future of Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor to continue to provide the best service for guests and can be the most popular hotel, especially for the Bogor and surrounding areas.

The highlight of the event was a series of activities. Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor held a “Media Gathering” by inviting several media and print partners. Presenting comedian Harry De Fretes as the host, Panca Atis “komika” to entertain the guests as well as and modern dance performance. Femerio Firmansyah as a representative from Intiwhiz Hospitality Management said, “The celebration will hopefully be able to establish better relations with the media crew along with hopes for achieving a better target for the Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor”.

On its anniversary, The 3-star hotel that has an outdoor swimming pool facility also provided the best offer for guests staying on November 16, 201 at a price of Rp333,333 net per night through direct booking or by phone from the 1st until 15th November 2018. Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor, which is located approximately seven minutes from the Botanical Gardens and Bogor Palace, also has a restaurant that provides a variety of food and drink. For information and reservations, please contact Whiz Prime Hotel Pajajaran Bogor at phone number +62251 7560 088.

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