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Leftover Wedding Food Donated to Needy in New Bridal Vendor Program

Typical Indonesian weddings are synonymous with abundance of buffet food offered to hundreds of guests. In many cases, some of the food would end up going to waste as...

Wedding Ceremony of President’s Daughter Continues Despite Planned Attack by Militant Extremist

The wedding of President Joko Widodo’s only daughter Kahiyang Ayu has proceeded as planned despite a planned attack on the ceremony, which has been foiled by the...

Wedding venue

I Do: 6 Perfectly Romantic Wedding Venues in Indonesia

Indonesia is brimming with romantic venues and gorgeous natural sceneries, perfect for any dream wedding. Here are six of the best wedding venues.

Where To Wed on Bali

Though Bali has literally hundreds of different venues to hold a wedding, this embarrassment of choices need not be overwhelming. Couples have different preferences, so...

Rony Indo

Meet Rony Indo

Meet Rony Indo, The French-Indonesian Prince who is living happily ever after in Bali.   Hello Rony. Where were you born and educated? I was born on planet Mars and...

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