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Clean Up Jakarta Day 2017: Five Years of Tackling The Capital City’s Rubbish Problem

Since 2013, Clean Up Jakarta Day has been galvanizing local and expatriate communities in Jakarta to help solve the capital city’s prolonged waste management crisis....

Miniature Trees Made from Waste Empower Women in Semarang

Johar Market in Semarang, Central Java, gets through mountains of bawang putih (literally, ‘white onion’, known as garlic in English) every day. It is the largest...

Clean Up Jakarta Day

Clean Up Jakarta Day 2014

As you may be aware, the second annual Clean Up Jakarta Day is around the corner and will take place on October 19th this year. Jakarta’s citizens will be carrying out...

Olivier Pouillon: Bali Recycling

In the mid-1990s, Olivier Pouillon saw a young child die at an illegal hotel dumpsite. The experience left a deep scar. Olivier resolved to do his part in trying to...






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