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Ten Stunning New Holiday Alternatives to Bali

In 2017 Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered further development of ten alternative tourism destinations dubbed “The New Balis”. Currently Indonesia ranks 47th...

Two Indonesian National Parks Given ASEAN Heritage Status

Two of Indonesia’s national parks, Kepulauan Seribu National Park (KSNP) and Wakatobi National Park (WNP), are set to be recognized as highly protected areas of...

Thriving Coral Reef, Thriving Community: Wakatobi Resort Conservation

The Coral Triangle has been likened to an underwater Amazon rainforest for its density and diversity of species. Stretching from the Philippines to Malaysia to...

Bali and Beyond: A Property Business Perspective

Terje Nilsen, Principal of Ray White Paradise, a leading real estate company in Bali, discusses what’s hot in property in Bali and beyond. We are about six months into...

Diving Wakatobi

“What a great idea – if only I had thought of it: take a trip to paradise, stay in a cozy bed, get around by boat, snorkel and dive everyday like there’s no...






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