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Chubu: The Underdog Travel Destination of Japan

Christabel Sasabone spent a week in Chubu, Japan and showcases some unique destinations for the adventurous and curious traveller who wants to indulge in some of the...

Eheng: A Journey to the Dayak Afterlife

An excerpt from Looking for Borneo, images, words and music inspired by the book, Crazy Little Heaven. Not far from here, at the end of an impossibly potholed jungle...

Singapore International School Bona Vista students seriously care for their environment

Dua Tangan Cukup: Actions from Across the Archipelago The students of Singapore International School, Bona Vista, are always eager and ahead to keep the environment...


The Village that Saved its Culture, Leatherback Turtles and its Coral Reefs

There are only a few beaches in the world on where the giant leatherback turtle lays its eggs. The leatherback is the fourth largest reptile and the largest ever found...

Help Make a Difference this Christmas

Help Make a Difference this Christmas

Iris worldwide Indonesia is using its dynamic and creative approach to raise awareness for a slum village in Jakarta. As Christmas fast approaches most readers’...

Development and Shifting Cultures: The Papuan Koteka

Perhaps the most iconic and essential item of clothing worn by the Dani and Yali men is the koteka or the penis gourd. Now the koteka is commonly seem dangling from...

Another 100 Years: Timor’s Last Indigenous Religious Community

Raja Namah Benu, who ruled since his father’s death in 2005, invited us to his place and offered areca nuts and betel leaves. I’ve heard about the Raja being a...






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