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Searching for a Nudibranch

Indonesia is an archipelagic nation known for its amazing oceanic underworld of fish and coral life; one of the most intensely coloured of these oceanic animals is the...

Destination Indonesia

Ever wonder what you can do with a GoPro, four weeks, a beautiful country and two of your best mates? Jan Baros created one of the most captivating travel videos of the...

How Spicy is Indonesian Spicy?

Think you can handle spicy food? You obviously haven’t tried some of Indonesia’s spicier foods and snacks such as Bu Rudy’s sambal bawang, mie abang...

Who is Sacha Stevenson?

Indonesia Expat is excited to announce video content for our online viewers. We will feature popular Indonesian YouTube stars as well as relevant and entertaining video...

One and Half Year Prison for Editor of Ahok Blasphemy Video

The Bandung District Court has sentenced Buni Yani, the man accused of uploading an edited video of a speech by former Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja...

Video of Speedy Indonesian Footballer Takes World by Storm

Who’s the fastest football player in the world? If your answer is Argentine superstar footballer Lionel Messi or Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, you might want to...






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