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Joshua Baker in Indonesian custody

Australian Delays Trial – Transferred to Mental Health Unit

Australian man arrested for allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs into Bali had his lawyers cut a deal with authorities hours before he was due to face trial, as...

Bali Bombings Survivor ‘Dumbfounded’ Alleged Mastermind Hambali Yet to Stand Trial

Phil Britten, one of the survivors of the 2002 Bali bombings, says he is surprised that Hambali, the alleged mastermind behind the blasts, still hasn’t faced...


Ahok Jailed for 2 Years in Blasphemy Case

Jakarta’s Chinese Christian governor Ahok will spend two years behind bars after the long-running blasphemy case wraps up.

An Appeal for Neil and Ferdinant

The phrase “this is a nightmare” is so often tossed around for events and occurrences that often have minimal impact in our lives. On June 5, 2014, Neil...