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Fast Fashion: Trendy Clothing Items at Low Prices – the Scourge of Humanity?

Twenty years ago, we valued the household items that we worked hard to afford.  Before the current instant-gratification-obsessed “disposable era”, we actually...

Jakarta Property Outlook

Jakarta Property Outlook Amid the interesting dynamics of the property market of late, international property consultant Colliers International Indonesia, the local arm...

The Sun is Shining: Summer 2015 Trends

With the urgency and joie de vivre of a couple in their first throws of passion, fashion’s love affair with the 70s and bright colours continues.  Monochrome is...

Funking Up My Platforms: The Essential ‘70s Style Guide

Listen up, people – get your dancing shoes on and stomp your way into the decade that style almost forgot. The fabulous, sexy, gregariously, garishly abandoned 1970s....

Animal Magic

In a bygone era, the colonisation of Africa and Asia brought bountiful riches of unimaginable grandeur and beauty to Europeans. Kings were indeed sovereigns who lived to...

Jakarta’s Fashion Faux Pas

Victoria Bannerman people-watches in malls to bring you the fashion rights and wrongs of Indonesia’s capital city. Being a stylista, I am always intrigued by...

Putu Andayani Prasuti Pradnyana

What to Wear and What Not to Wear in Indonesia

Indonesia has a rich fashion tradition, and since tailoring is quite affordable, many are tempted to go for tailor-made pieces. You’ve probably heard about batik and...






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