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New Zealand Simplifies Visas for Indonesian Tourists

New Zealand has signed an agreement to enable Indonesian tourists to obtain a visa in only three days. The agreement, signed by Immigration New Zealand (INZ), Tourism...

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Indonesia to Award Country’s Best Tourist Destinations

The Tourism Ministry says it will be giving awards to the country’s best tourist destinations in the first ever Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Awards (ISTA), set to be...


The Root of All Evil

A travel agency has scammed millions of dollars from Muslims who wanted to visit Mecca. Victims are now clamouring for reimbursement. With religion being compulsory in...

mount rinjani lombok | wikimedia commons

Embarking on the Perfect Getaway to Indonesia

Stretching over 5,200km from Sumatra to Papua, Indonesia is a massive island nation that is never easy to define. Ahead of its 72nd anniversary, Caranissa Djatmiko...

Kaum Food Spread

Around the Archipelago in One Meal

This month is all about celebrating Indonesia and what better way to celebrate than with one of Indonesia’s greatest strengths – the food. These restaurants offer...

Cangkuang Temple | Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Kampung Pulo – Cangkuang: A temple and a tomb

Floating bamboo rafts on a placid lake are ready to take you to the island of Kampung Pulo from Cangkuang in West Java in Indonesia. There in the sylvan air, cottonwood...


Wild Rivers and Wildlife – Gunung Leuser National Park

A Wilderness Escape A trip to the Gunung Leuser National Park in Southern Aceh is an authentic wilderness experience. Your accommodation choices are limited to budget...

Senang Hati sandeq by Rofinus Monteiro

Sailing Indonesia’s Heritage with Rofinus Monteiro

Centuries before electronic charts and 10,000 horsepower engines existed, ancient Indonesians have voyaged as far as Africa on the wind in their sails. Grace Susetyo...

migrating birds

Migrating Birds Threaten Juanda Airport Flights

Migrating birds have flocked to Surabaya’s Juanda Airport causing concerns of the possibility of a major safety incident.

international routes

Batik Air Route Expansion Hoped To Be Next Step In Tourist Boom

The new international routes are expected bring more foreign visits to Indonesia with the airline reaching international aviation standards.

Route Expansion

Flight Route Expansion Leads Airport Operator Growth Plan

Airport operator Angkasa Pura I and II are hoping the added routes will see record passengers in the first half of the year.

Photo by David Metcalf

A Jungle Adventure With Kalimantan’s Orangutan

I spotted my first orangutan high up in the trees in the early morning. I heard it before I saw it, awaking to branches cracking and some furious tree-shaking. Luckily,...


8 Reasons to Visit Karimunjawa

Indonesia is a diverse archipelago home to many splendid sights and offerings. A melting pot of beauty in its finest forms, there is more to this country than the famed...

Lake Toba

Lake Toba Tourism Boom Expected With Singapore Flight, Infrastructure Development

Lake Toba is expected to see a boom in foreign and domestic tourists following the announcement of key infrastructure developments in North Sumatra.

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