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End Of The Road For City’s Rundown Metro Mini And Kopaja

Jakarta’s streets will soon be cleared of ageing Kopaja and Metro Mini buses under a plan to ban buses 10 years or older from the city. Land Transport Office Head...

All Aboard Transjakarta To See Jakarta’s Sights

The TransJakarta Jakarta Explorer tourist bus routes proved a success over the holiday break with visitors flocking to the Istiqlal Mosque bus stop to take in the...

Transjakarta to Add Extra Buses During Ramadan Rush Hour

Bus operator Transjakarta will increase the number of buses running each day to accommodate residents in the capital for rush hour during the fasting month of Ramadan....


Police Arrest Racist Assailants on Jakarta Busway

The group surrounded Kusuma, and began their racist taunt, “Are you Ahok? You’re Ahok, right?” The victim attempted to ignore them, despite close proximity.

Burnin’ Rubber Time

Jakarta isn’t looking so hot at the moment, what with streets being torn up left, right and centre in a bid to ease its transportation woes. A friend of mine recently...

Transjakarta Bus

Cheating on the Buses

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Transjakarta busway: a public transport system beset by financial scams. Even before the project commenced, funds allocated...

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