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Transgender Women Forced to Look and Act Like Men by Authorities in Aceh

A group of transgender women in Aceh had their hair forcibly cut by the local police, who also made them put on male clothing and speak in masculine voices. The 12...

Local Trans Women Redefine the Notion of Beauty in a ‘Secret Pageant’

LGBT community and activists continue to challenge status quo by secretly organizing a national beauty pageant in Jakarta, while successfully staying away from local...

The TV Set

Transgenderism has been hitting the global headlines of late, and Indonesia is a nation with its own cross-dressing traditions. Whilst returning home recently after a...

Indonesia’s Anti-LGBT Sentiments are Diverting Attention from the Problems at Hand

Indonesia’s sudden uproar of anti-LGBT sentiment could be a tactic used by the government to divert public attention away from the nation’s real problems.   ...






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