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Odd-Even Traffic Regulation Extended to Bekasi Toll

The odd-even traffic policy will be extended along the Cikampek toll road, which connects Jakarta to Bekasi, West Java, from next week after a government announcement....

Jl. Antasari

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Jakarta Traffic?

In Jakarta, there appears to be no discernible pattern for the traffic. One expat shares his observations about the city's congestion problem.


Expats Hoping for a More ‘Livable’ Jakarta

Home to a population of around ten million, Indonesia’s capital is generally described as a ‘complicated’ city by foreigners that account for a good percentage of...


Traffic Police Launches e-Tilang App for Easier Traffic-Fine Paying

The National Police’s Traffic Corps launched the e-Tilang app across 17 provinces in the country, including Jakarta. First introduced in the market in October, the...


Traffic Cop Keeps His Cool with Angry Citizen, Gets Professionalism Award

When a traffic police officer was attacked by a woman after being issued a ticket for a traffic violation, he showed restraint and professionalism by keeping his cool...


Journalist Claims Police Brutality After Minor Traffic Accident

A Jakarta journalist is making claims of police brutality, saying he was beaten in a car after accidently brushing an officer’s arm with his motorcycle.


Bogor Named Second Worst City to Drive In

Popular navigation app Waze just ranked Jakarta’s suburban neighbour Bogor as the second worst city to drive your car in, just behind Cebu in the Philippines.


HUB For Cyclist: Cycling for a Greener City

In Jogjakarta, bicycle community HUB For Cyclist aims to create a green environment through alternative ways. For some of us, cycling is better known as a form of sport...


Jakarta Applies New Odd-Even Traffic Restrictions

The Department of Transportation in the capital is set to apply a new odd-even license plate traffic rule which will come into effect on August 30.  In an attempt to...


Burnin’ Rubber Time

Jakarta isn’t looking so hot at the moment, what with streets being torn up left, right and centre in a bid to ease its transportation woes. A friend of mine recently...


Caught for a Song: Rehabilitating Captured Wildlife with Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed to be one of the most naturally biodiverse countries in the world; however this blessing comes with a curse: it is also one of the most densely...

Hey Handsome

A Mended Broken Promise

I arrived in Indonesia more than ten years ago and then duly scarpered back to England. After a year of “Flip you, Misters!”, inaccessible public transport on...

On Deadly Roads

On Deadly Roads

I’ve never felt so close to pounding someone’s face with my knuckles. How has road behaviour degenerated to such mindlessness, following a flowchart championing...

For a Walkable Jakarta

For a Walkable Jakarta: Safe Steps

Picture yourself walking from your office or home to the nearest ATM or minimart on Jakarta’s sidewalks; it would not only be an unattractive picture, it’s also a...

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