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Jazz Event

Expats Looking Forward to Lombok’s First Jazz Festival

The first international Lombok Jazz Festival is predicted to attract a slew of foreigners. The event is hoped to become a new icon for Lombok tourism.

Savana Ollon

Here’s Why More Expats Are Visiting Savana Ollon in Toraja

Toraja is becoming more popular for tourism. It just developed a fresh spot called Savana Ollon, a new camping area that foreigners in Indonesia may love.

Gili Labak

Gili Labak is a Secret Paradise for Foreigners

Located in a hidden spot near Madura island, Gili Labak is a secret paradise for expats looking for the quintessential secluded beach experience.


Authorities Storm the Beach of Gili Trawangan, Crack Down on Businesses

The Indonesian Military and National Police ripped down private structures along the coastline of popular tourist island Gili Trawangan.


Indonesia May be the Next Frontier for Ecotourism Entrepreneurs

Ecotourism in Indonesia is an emerging trend that could be the next big thing. Here’s a guide on how to start an ecotourism business in the archipelago. Despite...

Photo Alex Hanoko

Indonesia Aims to Replicate Bali’s Success with Ten New Tourist Destinations

As part of an effort to reduce the nation’s dependence on exporting raw commodities, President Jokowi has chosen tourism as a key sector to beef up with economic...

Photo by Hugo Matilla

Amidst Slowing Economy, Indonesia’s Tourism Sector Prepares to Take on Foreign Investment

Facing an economic slowdown, the Indonesian government is set to revamp laws on foreign ownership in certain sectors, starting with tourism investments. To many...

Photo by Michael Coghlan

With a Projected $200B Opportunity, Lombok is Looking to Attract More Muslim Tourists

As a republic with the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia plans to tap the Islamic tourism market by promoting Lombok, one of the lesser-known island...