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Missing Argentinian Girl Believed to be in Indonesia

An Argentinian girl’s mother has recently arrived in Indonesia to find her daughter after having been missing over eight months. Alum Langone Avalos, aged 7, was...

The Living Dead

Benjamin Franklin once said, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’’ While one occurs habitually, from an artisan coffee...

Savana Ollon

Here’s Why More Expats Are Visiting Savana Ollon in Toraja

Toraja is becoming more popular for tourism. It just developed a fresh spot called Savana Ollon, a new camping area that foreigners in Indonesia may love.

Sulawesi – Don’t Wait

A dry look at what’s left on Sulawesi After 12 years working in Makassar and Manado, I came to view Sulawesi as home. The port city of Makassar was my first job abroad...

Tana Toraja: Love for the Departed

Grace always knew that honouring the dead is central to Toraja culture. But on her second visit to Tana Toraja during the festive season, she learned surprising...

Bantimurung Falls in Maros

A Wild Ride To Remember: South Sulawesi

On the second Sunday in May, I received a message from my childhood best friend in Manado, Gracia “GP”. “GC, what are you doing June 1-8? Let’s go island-hopping...






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