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Sri Mulyani to Revamp Tax Policies on Tobacco in Indonesia

Tobacco is the largest contributor to state revenue, but the current tax policy incentivizes producers to fly under the radar. Here’s what's about to change

Image by chris vaughan

Tobacco Bill Lights Up Advocates in 2017

The resurrection of a controversial tobacco bill has escalated the battle between pro-tobacco lobbyists and anti-tobacco activists in 2017. Parliament aims to pass the...


Indonesia to Light Up Cigarette Taxes in 2017

The government is set to raise cigarette taxes next year in a bid to discourage illegal practices in the tobacco trade. A new tobacco tax policy is set to take effect in...

A klobot cigarette handwrapped with corn skin. Photo by Eko Susanto

With a Long History in Indonesia, Tobacco Remains an Economic Pillar

Tobacco companies in Indonesia could face challenging times, as regulators tighten. But with power and resources, cigarette firms have cause to be optimistic. When it...

Sikka Flores

Take a Tour Down Moke Land, Flores

I had come many times to Indonesia and had visited islands and places all the way from Sabang to Sumbawa, but I had never set foot on NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur), the...

Football and Cigarettes

Football and Cigarettes

I wish I knew the joy of smoking cigarettes. I tried to have a puff for two seconds in the name of curiosity and I wanted my two seconds back afterwards. What the hell...

Old picture of a tobacco farm

A Brief History of Tobacco

Tobacco was first cultivated in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Andes, from where it spread north and south till it covered most of the Americas. After ‘discovery’ by...


Dangerously Nice: Kretek Cigarettes

I was a kretek (clove cigarette) smoker for almost two years. When I first started smoking clove cigarettes in Kalimantan during a voluntary placement, I remember an...

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