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Eastern Getaways - Issue 189 - Alor by Grace Susetyo

Five Fantastic Eastern Indonesian Holiday Destinations

The Indonesian archipelago, featuring 17,000 islands, has so much to offer insatiable adventurers. While more and more expat travellers are beginning to venture beyond...

Issue 187 - Lakoat Kujawas - Product line by Christian Senda (1)

Lakoat Kujawas: Comfort Food and Literature from the Heart of Timor

Munching on shrimp dumplings fried in lard (babi oangke) at lively garden weddings, dipped in a tangy chili sauce bursting with flavours of Timorese cilantro, mint and...


Reason for the Seasons: A Portrait of Indonesian Spirituality

Travelling throughout Indonesia, religious affiliation is a question I’m frequently asked. My forename gives away my Christian background. Lately, I view Christianity...


Out of Eden: Mountain Spirits from the Heart of Timor

“Timor’s very own Garden of Eden,” Grace Susetyo recalls a description someone once told her of Mount Mutis’s bonsai forest. Flaunting tiny leaves on curling...

Entrance to Nausus in Mollo

Solid as Rock: Mama Aleta, Guardian of Timor’s Sacred Towers

  Fine sunrays kiss the pine-covered hills and lush grasslands as our motorbikes swept through the rural dirt roads. There’s a glittering pond to my right and a...


Another 100 Years: Timor’s Last Indigenous Religious Community

Raja Namah Benu, who ruled since his father’s death in 2005, invited us to his place and offered areca nuts and betel leaves. I’ve heard about the Raja being a...


The Virgin Dancers of Belu

Like endangered species, magical encounters with pure and unadulterated Indonesian traditional culture have become increasingly rare events in the 21st century. While...

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