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Ten Stunning New Holiday Alternatives to Bali

In 2017 Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered further development of ten alternative tourism destinations dubbed “The New Balis”. Currently Indonesia ranks 47th...

How To Spend Idul Fitri In the City

Idul Fitri is one of Indonesia’s most important holidays, celebrating the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Many non-Muslim expats and locals leave the city to...

The Thousand Islands – A Hidden Gem

Been to Bali? Tired of the haggling hawkers vying for your attention? Explored Lombok? Looking for a relaxing island getaway without having to book a plane ticket? Look...

Pulau Seribu – get away to amazing islands over Christmas without leaving Jakarta!

Years end in Jakarta can be a stressful experience – traffic becomes worse than usual, flight prices go through the roof, and organizing a family vacation can take on...

Water, Water Everywhere

A weekend getaway to the Thousand Islands brings these seafaring friends more than they bargained for. No other start to the day can compare with waking up at dawn on a...

Pulau Kotok - Photo by Satyam Sharat

Pulau Kotok – In Conversation with Nature

Travel and tourism have become so jaded these days that few places evoke the sense of calm, peace or romance we all seek from vacations. Pulau Seribu, or the Thousand...

A Hop, Skip and a Jump to a Hawksbill Turtle Conservancy

We thought about turtles – more directly, Hawksbill sea turtles – and imagined their burnished shells gliding amongst the coral reef, sharp beaks snapping at...






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