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When Indonesia and Japan Take Centre Stage

Indonesia and Japan are solidifying their bilateral relationship by co-producing a theatre show, directed by Japanese theatre maestro Tadashi Suzuki. Local producers are...

Smoke and Mirrors at Namaaz Dining

Jakarta’s famed molecular gastronomy restaurant is a whole lot of style over substance. Imagine if your teenaged son was gifted a large chemistry set one day, and...

Jakarta Players to Stage Sarah Ruhl’s ‘Eurydice’

The Jakarta Players will perform “Eurydice”, a contemporary reimagination of the Greek tragedy of Eurydice and Orpheus by playwright Sarah Ruhl. “Eurydice” opens...

Gambuh performance in Batuan

An Endangered Creature called Gambuh

If you have ever been curious about Indonesia’s Majapahit Kingdom, you might like to see a performance of Gambuh - a ritual theatre which potrays classic...

Dennise Rao

Meet Dennise Rao

Meet Dennise Rao, one of the administrative, creative and inspirational forces at Jakarta International School. When did you come to Indonesia? I first arrived in...

Brodway Ke Java

Broadway Ke Java

Broadway may have its roots in the quintessential iconography of New York City, but the charm, excitement, and artistry of Broadway cannot be contained to just one town....

An Inspector Calls

Jakarta Players Stages ”An Inspector Calls”

The Jakarta Players, a half Expat, half Indonesian community theatre ended their season with “An Inspector Calls” in an intimate setting at the American...

An Inspector Calls

Note from the Director

It has been an incredibly busy year for Jakarta Players. The season began with a production of Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men, the famous jury-room drama. Before...

Wicked the Broadway Musical Comes to Singapore

As the economy booms, more and more Indonesians head to the City of Lions for their entertainment needs, whether it be to the cinema, theatre or restaurants. Although...

Happily Ever After, or is it?

The Jakarta Players The Jakarta Players are a group of people, young and old, from working mums and dads to students, from teachers to ladies who lunch, both expat and...






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