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Take a Journey To Thailand to try Halal Thai Food

Think you know Thailand? Although the majority of the population are Buddhists, there is roughly four percent of the population who are Muslim. You can find most Thai...

The Boom Is Here As Indonesia Tourism Tops Asean Growth

Indonesia’s stunning beaches, mountainscapes and jungles are by no means a well-kept secret, but tourism has largely been confined to the established resort island of...

Indonesia Falls Behind Malaysia and Vietnam in English Proficiency

Malaysia and Vietnam rank higher than Indonesia in an English Proficiency Survey done by international education company, Education First (EF).

Famous Party Beggar Benjamin Holst Bagged in Surabaya

Famous Beggar Benjamin Holst Arrested in Surabaya

World renowned beggar Benjamin Holst is a folk hero with an abnormally large leg. He has been able to travel the world and party with cash made by panhandling, but...

The Principals of Education: Meet Dr. Stuart Tasker

Dr. Stuart Tasker is an educator who has been an expat for 12 years. In June, he will be moving from Thailand to act as the new Principal of ACG School, Jakarta, an...

Trans-Asia Rail Rides

Trans-Asia Rail Rides

The idea you can travel seamlessly from Singapore to Hong Kong by train remains a distant dream, at least until Cambodia can get its lines up and running after decades...


Little is known of the Sriwijaya Empire, a polity that in its prime spread its tentacles across much of Southeast Asia from Central Java to the narrow Thai peninsula....






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