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The Bizarro World of Indonesia’s Sinetron

Heavy makeup, overdramatic acting, bizarre encounters with demi-gods and ghosts. What else could those words describe except for another episode on an Indonesian soap...

Indonesian Lawmakers Mulling Over Ban on Gay TV Characters

Lawmakers in Indonesia are considering banning LGBTQ characters from national television shows in yet another effort to clamp down on gay activities in the country. The...

Founder of Vice Indonesia Aims to Change the Local Media Game

One of the world’s most popular youth-focused media companies has come to Indonesia. Caranissa Djatmiko sits down with Vice Indonesia’s Managing Director to find out...

Talking Sports: Meet Nicole Shiraz

Nicole Shiraz is a 24-year-old sports presenter and producer of mixed Iranian and Indonesian heritage. Spending her childhood travelling between Australia and Indonesia,...

Tim Scott

Meet Tim Scott. The Creative Advisor at Fremantle Media with an impressive 28 years of experience under his belt and a wealth of funny stories to tell.   So Tim, how...






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