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Government Plans to Decrease Property Tax to Attract Investment

Indonesia plans to cut taxes on luxury properties and revise other tax rules in a bid to support the real estate industry and attract investment in Southeast Asia’s...

Indonesian Ministry of Industry Proposes the Reduction of Import and Luxury Taxes for Sedans

(Retrieved from Kontan Harian) The Ministry of Industry is looking to revise the structure of automotive taxes. One of the main points include the reduction of import...

Credit Cards

Credit Cards to be Removed from Obligatory Tax Report for Expats

The government will no longer want to see credit bills to assess taxes owed by expats. This come as new rules let authorities peer into overseas accounts.

New Regulation on Bank Access for Customer Account

Indonesia Targets Tax Cheats With New Bank Rules

New banking rules will help authorities trade account data with overseas counterparts as part of an international effort to nab tax cheats.

Helix House

Tax Amnesty is Spurring Locals to Shop for Overseas Property

Indonesia’s tax amnesty policy is helping foreign property developers attract more interest from locals looking to buy property overseas.

MRT Jakarta Project Property Tax

Homes For Expats in Jakarta May Get More Costly Due to MRT

The Jakarta Provincial Government predicts that the city’s MRT project will end up raising property taxes by up to 30 percent in the areas where the train will...

Expats Buying Luxury Homes and Condos to Pay 20 Percent Sales Tax

Expats Buying Luxury Homes and Condos to Pay 20 Percent Tax

The government has given foreigners permission to own homes, but only under certain provisions. Now, buyers must pay a new form of sales tax on top.