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Indonesia and Google Reach Tax Settlement

Tech giant Google has agreed to pay taxes, Indonesia’s Finance Minister has announced. Does this mean for the month-long dispute between the country and Google is...


Dear Taxpayer, Big Brother is Taking Action (Advertorial)

We highlighted several examples of letters sent by the Tax Office to dearest taxpayers in our previous installment of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Tax Amnesty....


Indonesia Says No Deal on Google Tax Settlement This Year

The head of the tax office’s special cases branch reported that no deal will be reached this year, as the Indonesian government finds Google’s offer on the tax...


Tax Amnesty for Foreigners: Not Too Late to Participate

Indonesia is changing. With tax amnesty, the Jokowi administration aims to bring Indonesia into a new era, shedding light on undocumented assets and increasing potential...


Foreign Investors Struggle with Indonesia’s Economic Policies

Foreign investors are reportedly dissatisfied with the Indonesian government’s efforts to facilitate international business opportunities. Earlier this week, the...


Indonesia to Light Up Cigarette Taxes in 2017

The government is set to raise cigarette taxes next year in a bid to discourage illegal practices in the tobacco trade. A new tobacco tax policy is set to take effect in...


Google Indonesia to Pay US$400M Tax Bill?

The Indonesian government continues to investigate Google’s case in a bid to ramp up tax collection. On Monday, September 19, Indonesia’s tax officials finally paid...

indonesia's rupiah: tax amnesty

What Does Tax Amnesty Mean for Expats in Indonesia?

Of course, this tax amnesty scheme could theoretically be useful for locals, while certainly helping propel the government’s agenda. But what does it mean for expats?


Indonesia Plans to Open New Tax Haven Areas

After grappling with a shortfall in tax revenues, Indonesia is now exploring the possibilities of setting up tax havens with hopes of bringing funds back into the...


Indonesia Just Made it Easier to Invest in Property, No More Double Taxation on REIT Trading

The government has removed double taxation on Real Estate Investment Trust securities in a bid to attract more investors to the local property game. The Indonesian...


Booze Blues

The price of alcohol in Indonesia continues to soar into the stratosphere as new import duties are introduced.   I’ve been cajoled into penning a few tetchy...

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali is an amazing and inviting place to live, and also invest. For 15 years ++ property prices has continued to go up, and are most likely to continue to do so. For...

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