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lombok resort-image from senggigi villas

Is Now the Best Time to Get in on Lombok Property?

When it comes to investing in property in Indonesia, Bali is often the most common choice. That said, people are starting to look elsewhere for a more efficient...

Eastern Getaways - Issue 189 - Alor by Grace Susetyo

Five Fantastic Eastern Indonesian Holiday Destinations

The Indonesian archipelago, featuring 17,000 islands, has so much to offer insatiable adventurers. While more and more expat travellers are beginning to venture beyond...

Teluk Saleh from Tambora Summit by Grace Susetyo

Tambora: Mysteries of a Lost Civilization

In addition to changing the global climate through “The Year Without Summer” and losing nearly half of its original altitude, Mount Tambora’s 1815 super eruption...

Asi Mbojo October 2016 by Grace Susetyo

Rebuilding Bima: An Expat’s Perspective on Resilience in the Face of Disaster

After encountering generous and passionate locals in the historical royal city of Bima in October of 2016, Grace Susetyo was shocked to learn about the flash floods that...


Reason for the Seasons: A Portrait of Indonesian Spirituality

Travelling throughout Indonesia, religious affiliation is a question I’m frequently asked. My forename gives away my Christian background. Lately, I view Christianity...


Stunning Sumbawa

Few visitors travel beyond the popular neighbouring islands of Lombok and Bali, but voyage a little eastwards and Sumbawa Island offers a peaceful escape from developed...


Hiking Gunung Tambora: Celebrating 200 Years Since the Eruption that Shook the World

Two hundred years ago a volcano violently erupted on the island of Sumbawa, sending molten rock 40km into the sky – the most powerful eruption on Earth for 500 years....

Hope for the Children of Sumbawa

Hope for the Children of Sumbawa

For several years 33-year-old Carlos Ferrandiz worked as a lawyer in Spain,but in 2010 he decided to quit his job and live in Indonesia. During this time, he became...

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