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Kaki Lima - street vendors in Jakarta

Not So Tasty Meatballs Shut Down Party After Poisoning Kids

A spate of vomiting an dizzines ended a community party in Suberingin village, South Sumatra, on Monday, May 15, with 13 children suffering food poison after allegedly...


Environment Ministry Urges for More Jobs to Cut Wildlife Crimes

According to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, providing more employment opportunities in relevant communities will considerably reduce wildlife crimes.


At Least 97 Dead, Dozens Missing After Quake Hits Indonesia’s Aceh

A strong undersea earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale rocked Indonesia’s Aceh province early Wednesday, December 7, killing at least 97 people, destroying...

Greenpeace app

Greenpeace Indonesia Launches App to Fight Forest Fires

Forest fires have been an annual issue in Indonesia for almost two decades, with the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra hit particularly hard. According to reports cited...


Lake Placid

The mighty Lake Toba remains one of Indonesia’s most impressive stop-offs Outside of Bali, the dodgy pizzas and dishevelled hotels that are the mainstays of Indonesian...

Luke Mackin (Wild Sumatra)

Good News from Wild Sumatra

Sad, but true. The only time you hear of Sumatra in the news is when there is a natural disaster, deforestation, fanatics in Aceh caning people, or the haze heading east...

01 bengkulu

British Bengkulu: A Forgotten Imperial Outpost

Bengkulu, October 1685: The fort stood atop a small hillock on the banks of a coffee-coloured creek. To the west the Indian Ocean stretched blank and white and empty. To...

Stunning morning views from the campsite in the national park

The Bare Necessities: Gunung Leuser National Park

Trekking Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra in search of endangered orangutans in another world. Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio hit local and international news...

Oil_palm_plantation_in_Indonesia. Courtesy Wikimedia

Could Accountability in Sustainable Oil Palm Prevent Further Forest Fires?

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Green Commodities Programme (GCP) are working with oil palm stakeholders to ensure this sector’s contributions to the...

chanee4 (2)

The Gibbon Whisperer: Meet Chanee Kalaweit

Chanee Kalaweit is a former French national, who in 2012 gained his Indonesian citizenship. Since the tender age of 12, Chanee has dedicated his life to the gibbon, apes...

Cubadak Paradiso Village Photo by Angela Richardson

Take the Road Less Travelled: Cubadak Paradiso Village

Discovering the overland and underwater treats on a little island resort off the coast of West Sumatra. Why do we travel? Is it in pursuit of ticking off as many places...


Playing for Rain

What to do when the country is suffering its worst drought in five years and the Government yet again fails to stop the illegal burning of forests? In one village,...


Becak Terus: Rickshawing from Aceh to Jakarta for a Good Cause

Back in 2013, we interviewed a man brave – and some might even say crazy – enough to run from Bali to Jakarta on a mission to raise money and awareness for...


Weh Island: The Outer Edge

A small tropical treasure trove of peace and adventure can be found tucked away in Aceh’s far north, at the north-westernmost edge of the Indonesian archipelago. Weh...

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