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How to Make Homemade Martabak

Touted as the ultimate Indonesian street food, the martabak is a popular snack across the country. Almost every city serves this local favourite which can be found...

Kaki Lima - street vendors in Jakarta

Not So Tasty Meatballs Shut Down Party After Poisoning Kids

A spate of vomiting an dizzines ended a community party in Suberingin village, South Sumatra, on Monday, May 15, with 13 children suffering food poison after allegedly...

Image via JendelaKuliner

How Safe is it to Eat Street Food in Jakarta?

For expats living in Jakarta, eating street food is a risk many are not willing to take. However, for those who are uninitiated in dining “al fresco di jalan” and...


The Curious Case of Holidaying in Jakarta

Behind Jakarta’s chaotic exterior sits an alternate world that might just get you to fall in love with the capital all over again this holiday season. Caranissa...

Will Meyrick

Meet Will Meyrick, the Street Food Chef

The seasoned traveller and street food chef of Mama San, Sarong, Hujan Locale, and the soon-to-open Tiger Palm brings an eclectic mix of traditional and uber urban to...


Delicacies for the Daring Diner

It’s hard to put your finger on what makes Ben Hil (short for Bendungan Hilir), right at the heart of the city, the go-to spot for street food. Maybe it’s the...

Photos by Darren Alderson

Have the Guts to Eat from the Street

There are two kinds of people in Jakarta: the ones that eat street food and the ones that don’t.   The ones that do boast about late-night haunts, one-of-a-kind...

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