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Go-Jek Acquires Three Local Fintech Companies

Popular ride-hailing service Go-Jek has agreed to acquire three local financial technology companies to strengthen its grip on the digital-payment market. Go-Jek already...

Rob Davies: The Entrepreneur Behind Appsolute Digital

Rob Davies, the CEO of Appsolute Digital and Arm Enterprises, shares his views on Indonesia’s technology market and his formula for success. Arm Enterprises and...

Indonesian Start-up Modalku Wins UN Award

Indonesian fintech start-up Modalku has won the Global SME Excellence Award from ITU Telecom, a UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies....

Growing Your Business Online: Meet Arne Van Looveren

Belgian expat Arne Van Looveren has been all around the world, having lived in London, Malaysia and currently Jakarta for the past three years. The immigrant, who is the...

Delivering Joy with HappyFresh Indonesia

HappyFresh Indonesia is a recently launched grocery delivery app for Jakarta. The startup has seven co-founders, bringing together a myriad of experience, ranging from...






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