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Confronting New Innovations In Indonesia’s Labour Force

Who doesn’t know the saying “Good things come to those who wait”? Often, our loved ones comfort our sadness through the show of those helping words. As comforting...

Meet the Expat: Chef Chris Salans

What happens when a classically trained chef turns to the island of Bali for inspiration? A new type of cuisine that makes instant delicious shockwaves with fresh local...

The Big Apple and the Spice Islands

For whatever reason, New York picked up the appellation ‘Big Apple’ – is it even appropriate? Unbeknownst to most people, and as a result of a remarkable twist in...

Map of Molluca circa 1616 by Petrus Bertius, courtesy of Bartele Gallery

The Christmas Spices of Indonesia

If you enjoy baking festive treats at home during the Christmas season, you may have noticed that imported foods such as dried fruits, nuts and Christmas sauces can all...

Of Spice and Profit

Nearly half a millennium before the world, slowly getting connected by grainy black and white TV images, was entranced by antics of Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong and...






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