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Five Things Men Do During the World Cup

It’s World Cup season! Let’s keep the celebrations going with a Sacha Stevenson video dedicated to the fans. Do you know a penggila bola (crazy footballer)?...

Indonesian Soccer League 2018 Preview

With the new Liga One season due to kick off in the second half of February most of the 18 clubs that make up the top flight of Indonesian football have been busy...

The State of Indonesian Football in 2017

To say football is massive in Indonesia is an understatement. Fans of English, Italian and Spanish teams regularly gather in warungs to watch their favourite teams play...

Video of Speedy Indonesian Footballer Takes World by Storm

Who’s the fastest football player in the world? If your answer is Argentine superstar footballer Lionel Messi or Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, you might want to...

The 2016 UEFA European Championship

Roga takes a look at predictions for the winning team and the top-scorer of the upcoming Euro 2016. The 2016 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016) is held every four...

German Plus: 50 Years of Football History

In the rich annals of German football, the name Burkhardt Pape may not spring to mind in the way the likes of Gerd Muller, Gunter Netzer and Lothar Mattheus do, but he...

BuGils FC

BuGils FC Soccer Sixes

Inspired by the FC Knudde Sixes tournament that ceased to exist many years ago, the friendly family titled BuGils FC found that Jakarta had been without a yearly...

Jak Mania

Support Your Local Team

We’ve all seen them. Dickensian scamps clad in orange t shirts, scarves and joker hats hanging perilously on the roof of a metro mini or kopaja on match day. They are...






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