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Police Bust Plot, Tighten Security Ahead of Independence Day Celebrations

With Indonesia celebrating its 72nd Independence Day on Aug. 17, police have tightened security measures and warned the public to stay vigilant after uncovering a...


Indonesia Teams Up With Philippines and Malaysia To Fight Terrorism

Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia have agreed to join forces and pool intelligence as threats of terrorism loom over Southeast Asia during a trilateral meeting on...


Police Chief Orders Shooting of Thieves “On Sight”

Chief of Central Java Police General Condro Kirono has ordered his officers to shoot thieves “on sight” as part of a resolution to curb the rising number of robbery...


China to Advance Political and Security Cooperation with Indonesia

Yesterday, Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Law and Security Affairs Luhut Panjaitan met with Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic...


Protect Your Home: Security for Bali Residents

With the alarming rash of home robberies and even killings during home invasions over the past year, it has become critical to secure your home. Bill Dalton shows Bali...

Meet The Expat - Mike Shipton

Meet Mike Shipton

Meet Mike Shipton. A South African expat with a high-pressure, demanding job, Mike is an exceptionally cheerful guy with a positive outlook on life. Mike loves his job...

Airline Trends 2014

Airline Trends 2014

Airline travel could be on the verge of an onboard passenger experience transformation. Whilst it looks like progress in one way, some global realities will continue to...

Education Guide 2017

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