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Sebastien Laurent, Antiques Dealer

In this Business Profile, we meet Sebastien Laurent, a Frenchman who works in the antique and decoration industry from his base in Jogjakarta, Central Java. Bonjour,...

Solution to the Global Economic Crisis

We are, most of us, living far from our families, which is good for some people and sad for others. As my family will read this article, I have to say that I am...

Sebastien Noel

Have Yourself a Grumpy Little Christmas

Guys, I am back to my grumpy old self. In the last article, “Solution to the Global Crisis”, I tried to be serious and it was basically a disaster. So let’s get...

Bule on moped

Disneyland Bali

I know, I know, the expatriates in Bali are such an easy target to laugh at, but still… As I’ve just come back from a too long “3 days” stay there, I have some...






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